Refinement & Clarity

Truth be told I started writing this post last January, a full year ago, with the intention of growing my own personal business into something larger – maybe work towards having a team, a larger office, adding more services to the ones I offer, like design…and then I got busy. The intentions and goals I set in January 2018 were wildly different than what the year brought me, and I am so thankful.

At the time I was equating growth with expansion, I was focused on trying to get ‘bigger’ and do more, and in the busyness of the last year I realized I love exactly what I do. I don’t want to offer design services, because I am not one and with a world filled with talented designers, my strength lies in bringing their designs to life through code. To a certain extent I have to wear many different hats, as all business owners do: accountant, bookkeeper, project manager etc on top of whatever my actual business is, but to add another service that I’m not as passionate about and put on another hat (that I don’t wear as well) didn’t spark joy in me, it just sparked a whole lot of stress.

Getting really clear on what exactly it is that I love to do, and letting go of the rest of the noise has felt like a weight off my shoulders. I love figuring out solutions to pain-points clients are having either within the design of their website, or in the lines of code. I love receiving a new design file from one of the amazing designers I have the pleasure of working with, and bringing it to life for their clients. Learning new frameworks and pushing my knowledge of different languages excites me. Teaching others, be it at a Ladies Learning Code clinic, or one-on-one with a client showing them how to control their new site, brings me so much joy. If I’m lucky enough to not only identify that, but to already be doing exactly what I love, why seek growth through expansion into realms I don’t love quite so much?

This clarity has given me the opportunity to really focus on the services I do offer, web development for designers and agencies, and development strategy. I’m able to bring the best of myself to each project, I’ve added more expertise, more efficiency and more passion simply by paring back, which has also surprisingly equalled growth in my business and un-surprisingly given more time and energy outside of my business, and who doesn’t love that?