Empowering Others

A few months back I did some work with Elizabeth Derby to define my why – As she puts it “Your Why is the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do. It’s the idea that motivates you to go to work and feel fulfilled while you’re there.” I answered a handful of questions, did a couple interviews with her and in the end we came up with this as my why statement.

I empower people to have confidence and pride in their decisions at work and in life so that we can live in a world with more kindness and compassion for ourselves and others.

It felt good to get really clear on why I love doing what I do and working with the clients that I do, and I wanted to expand on what exactly it means to me.

Time and time again I’ve heard from clients who don’t understand how to updated the content on their website, or worse, have a developer who refused to give them access to their website and charges them for every image changed or piece of copy updated. I strongly disagree with the belief of keeping web-development hidden behind a curtain like Oz – all of us should be sharing our knowledge as a tool for empowering others. I love to help clients feel in control of their websites and have seen how it gives them so much more control over their business. I have also seen how this type of empowerment, how feeling strong and confident in your own business lessens competition and comparison, which makes this world a much kinder place to live in.

I also take a lot of pride in mentoring other women who are starting out their careers as developers or even just those who want to learn the basics of front-end development for their own personal use. I volunteer with Ladies Learning Code camps, and have worked with designers who want to expand their skills to make css/html adjustments to their clients sites. Scarcity mindset can at times make it feel like by helping another person have the same skills as you, it might take away some of your business, but I have found only the opposite to be true. It brings more collaboration and opportunities, and working with designers who understand the basic elements of development is always a wonderful experience.

The way I see it everything is connected, and my hope is that by doing my small part to help my clients have confidence in their business decisions. Helping them to feel in control and re-assured, and to be proud of the work they are sharing with the world – that trickles out into their personal lives, bringing more confidence, compassion and with it, kindness into their day-to-day.