Working closely with ambitious designers, brands and people, to make the complex simple and carry strategic websites into the future.

As a front-end developer, my goal is always to listen, create, and deliver to the best of my abilities. My background in Graphic Design and Business allows me to see a brand, and website, from all sides and to build a thoughtful experience for users. I believe that the finer details matter, in code, in design and in life – it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference.

When I’m not at my desk developing beautiful websites you can find me out exploring the rocky mountains – hiking or camping, occasionally on a bike, nearly always with my husband, Dan.



Isn't connection what this grand adventure of life is all about? Connecting with others, connecting with yourself, with nature and travel, with the world around you. Connection is the root of my relationship with everyone I have the pleasure of working with, it's how brands and websites succeed. Connection is what brings joy to me, and almost always spreads outwards to others.


I believe in sharing my knowledge as a tool for empowering others. Helping clients feel in control of their website gives them more control over their business. Mentoring other women who are starting out their careers as developers or even just those who want to learn the basics of front-end development for their own personal use. You can read more about my views on empowering others here.


I believe in the power of words and communication, in reliability and respect through kindness. One of my core values not just in business but within my personal life as well. Having integrity to me, is being as precise with my words as possible, and being intentional in my day-to-day. It's always striving to answer the 'why' of everything I do.

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